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Warminster Care Home Resident Celebrates 104th Birthday

“Follow your dreams” – the words of advice from a Wren House resident who recently celebrated her 104th Birthday.

On September 3, Manchester born Muriel Whitworth celebrated her 104th birthday alongside friends and members of the Wren House community.

Presents and decorations were in abundance at the Warminster care home as residents tucked into birthday cake all afternoon.

Muriel, a lifelong Manchester City fan, is an experienced traveller and has been fortunate enough to follow her dreams by travelling around the world alongside her husband Eric.

After the struggles of the Second World War, Muriel moved to Scotland with her husband Eric, where he worked for Scottish Airlines. Eric’s job allowed Muriel to travel to some amazing places with the Seychelles being her favourite place to visit.

Whilst travelling, Muriel met some incredible people over the years. One memory that sticks with her was during her honeymoon when Clark Gable sat himself next to Muriel and her husband. When he got off the train, he wished them a happy life together, with Muriel thinking he was a very handsome and kind man.

Muriel said:
“I’m delighted that after all these years, I still get to have a birthday party!
“It was great to see so many residents celebrating my birthday with me and I hope that everyone at Wren House enjoyed it as much as I have”

Wren House Manager, Tracey Atkins said,
“Muriel is loved by everyone here at Wren House, she is a great character and makes us all laugh.”