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Visa Scheme Expansion “Better Late Than Never says NCF

NCF responds to the government announcement that it has agreed with the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee that front line care workers should be included in the Shortage Occupation List.

Vic Rayner OBE says: “This is welcome news at an incredibly challenging moment for social care. The workforce is under more pressure than ever before, and this change will mean that hard pressed employers struggling to recruit from the UK labour market will have a glimmer of hope for the New Year.”

In addition, Rayner says: “It is important that the government has finally addressed this issue, which has been strongly advocated for by NCF and it’s membership. It will be imperative that all organisations – large and small – needing these additional valued workers, will be able to utilise the Immigration system at speed. At present it is complex, and organisations currently using it for wider roles recognise the financial and bureaucratic burdens inherent in the system.”

“We look forward to working with the government to ensure that this important change brings meaningful long term relief to the care sector. It cannot come soon enough.”