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Virtual ‘Thank You’ And Hamper Surprise For Berkshire Social Care Staff

The Senior Management Team of local social care provider, Optalis, have taken the time to show appreciation of their social care teams, following their selfless work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knowing the recent challenges faced, Optalis organised a virtual ‘thank you’ event, as well as delivering surprise hampers to the workforce.

As part of the event, every team member was invited to join digitally and join in with the celebrations. Following announcements from the Senior Team, guests were encouraged to highlight teams and staff members who had truly gone above and beyond.

During the pandemic, many of the Optalis’ workforce have had to adapt to ensure their customers continue to receive the high quality of care and support needed.

Many care workers have been temporarily redeployed to other roles, as well as all individuals having to face the challenges of socially distancing guidelines and keeping customers safe, all whilst having concerns about their own family and friends. The Optalis team felt now was a good time to pause, reflect and acknowledge each and every person’s hard work and dedication.

David Birch, CEO of Optalis, commented: “I’m truly proud of how the Optalis team have performed and coped through the first wave of COVID-19, everyone has been extraordinary, and I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.”

Helen Woodland, Director of Provided Services, added: “I thought I’d seen everything during my 30 years in social care, but I was wrong as never before have I seen the sheer commitment, resilience, care and compassion to the degree that each and every one of our staff members have shown.”

While joining the event, around 50 treat hampers were delivered to approximately 620 staff to enjoy. And, for those who weren’t available, the session was recorded for staff members to watch and join in with afterwards.


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