Updated Nutrition And Hydration Digest Launched

The British Dietetic Association have today published an updated version of the Nutrition & Hydration Digest 2nd edition, a key part of England’s Hospital Food Standards. The BDA’s Food Services Specialist Group (FSSG) has made updates to key sections in relation to Chapter 11 Diets, Patient Groups and Menu Coding.

Since the Digest’s publication, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework for food and drink textures has been adopted in the UK.  This initiative has had a significant impact on the modified texture diets section and easy to chew section, so much so, the Digest required an update to reflect these changes.

As a result of updated renal suitable guidance, the authors have taken on board feedback from members and made further updates to ensure it remains practical for planning menus.  Some minor changes have also been made to the neutropenic diets section to reflect current practice.

Minor aesthetic tweaks have been made throughout the document to ensure it remains accessible and user friendly. A full review and update of each chapter will be completed as part of a larger review and launched as a 3rd edition in 2022.

The updated report is available on the BDA website.