Malsis Hall Creates 130 Local Jobs After £12 Million Investment

Enhanced Community Healthcare Options (ECHO), in conjunction with the Seddon Group, is investing £12 million in Malsis Hall, a specialist care facility in Glusburn near Keighley, creating 130 jobs in the local area.

The Grade II listed building is being converted into a care centre designed to provide recovery and rehabilitation for people with mental health conditions, often resulting from psychological trauma

In addition to refurbishing and adapting the existing school, ECHO is renovating the cottages, houses and chapel on the grounds to create a 51-bed facility, which will open in two phases in early summer and autumn.

As part of the project, ECHO will also provide amenities for the local community, including meeting rooms, three sports pitches and a sports pavilion.

Malsis Hall is designed to be a local service for local people and will be accepting referrals within a 30-mile radius. It will be searching locally for staff to fill the 130 jobs created by the project and also aims to use suppliers from the local area.

Andrew Shelton Murray, Director of ECHO, said: “The specialist rehabilitation care that will be provided is designed to help people to recover in a supportive and inclusive environment, and eventually reach the stage where each individual can live independently.

“Malsis Hall is also going to be a fantastic facility to benefit everyone in the local area. Our aim, with the three sports pitches, the sports pavilion and the meeting rooms, is to make it a hub of activity, where people can gather and share a community experience.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to create 130 jobs to support the new facility, which will primarily be advertised in the local area. It is very important to us that we support the local economy as much as possible, from recruiting the staff, to the food, to the contractors undertaking the work. We want this to be a local service for local people that everyone can be proud of.”