UKHCA’s General Election Call For Change In Social Care

UKHCA has just published its manifesto urging political parties and candidates standing for election, to commit to ensuring almost one million older and disabled people can remain healthy and independent in their own homes, while also enabling family members to combine caring responsibilities with family life and employment.

The manifesto provides sound and achieveable commitments for the next government and UKHCA hopes that all the political parties will take them on board as polling day on 8 June draws closer (note 1).

The professional association calls on the next government to make the following commitments:

  1. Ensure that people with care and support needs can remain independent at home.
  2. Relieve pressure on the NHS by effective use of homecare.
  3. Make it easier for people who are willing or able to fund their own care and support.
  4. Stabilise the state-funded social care market.
  5. Expand the workforce and increase recognition of homecare workers.
  6. Ensure that the public are protected through consistent regulation.
  7. Ensure a sufficient workforce following exit from the European Union.


Colin Angel, UKHCA Policy and Campaigns Director, said:

“Social care must feature prominently on the political agenda in the run up to the general election.

“We want our next government to respond effectively to the social care crisis to ensure that a stable homecare sector can relieve pressures on the NHS and meet people’s overwhelming preference to have their care needs supported at home, whether they are supported by the state or fund their own care.”

The full manifesto can be accessed at:












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