The Sixth Nutrition And Hydration Week Is Here!

Nutrition and Hydration Week is taking place around the country in NHS Trusts and care homes with a view to hold events to promote their good practices and key messages on food and drink for those they care for. There are many other around the world also making plans especially around the Wednesday when Afternoon Tea is the focus.

The week’s founders have also suggested other themes for people to use during the week Monday – Breakfast; Tuesday -Snacks; Thirsty Thursday; Fruity Friday, Smoothie Saturday and Sundae Sunday.

The week is also continuing focus on the following aims:

  • Promoting the 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care
  • Promoting Mealtimes Matter and Protected mealtimes
  • Encouraging the introduction of Nutrition Advocates /Champions to each health and Social Care Setting
  • The introduction of minimum standards for good nutrition in all settings
  • Sharing Good nutrition and hydration practice
  • Promoting Continued Education and Professional Development especially in the health and social care sector for catering staff.
  • Improve staff awareness of their own hydration and nutritional requirements.
  • A detailed Charter of the week’s objectives is on the website.

Caroline Lecko commented “We are amazed and inspired by the lengths people go to support those they care for by utilising the week. Every year they just go the extra mile to grasp the opportunity to highlight and share their great work.”

Andy Jones added “Its brilliant to see how the week has grown into a global event, and the willingness of people to collaborate across continents has been fantastic. It is through these people we have been able to make the week the focal point of the year for many.”

Derek Johnson stated “The week has been fantastic in sharing ideas, highlighting great work and providing a platform for people to promote their own services. The collaboration between professional and across heath and care has been tremendous and long may this continue.”

Further details of the legacy that Nutrition and Hydration Week is building across health and social care can be found at http://nutritionandhydrationweek.co.uk/news/