The Carnival Comes to Town for Care Home Open Week at Excelcare

Carnival themed celebrations are in full swing across the Excelcare family this week as the award-winning care provider takes part in Care Home Open Week.

This annual event invites relatives, people seeking care and members of the community to visit care homes to get a taste of daily life. Care Home Open Week also provides the opportunity to meet people who live and work in a care home and listen to their unique stories.

“Care Home Open Week presents an exciting opportunity to share these memorable and special experiences.” Said Excelcare’s Chief Operating Officer, Sam Manning. “This year, we really wanted the people who live in our homes to get involved, so we have transformed our care suites with vintage carnival- themed décor and games. Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in activities and win some exciting prizes too. We hope it’s an enjoyable week for all and that many happy memories are made,”

People visiting Excelcare homes this week can not only expect a tour of the care home, but also an engaging experience that will leave lasting memories. Director of Sales, Marketing, Engagement & Wellbeing, Sadie Munro said, “Creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment is crucial when someone moves into a care home, not just for the individual but also for their family members and the wider community.”

“The transition to a care home represents a significant life change, and by ensuring that each day is filled with options, enjoyment, and excitement, we can genuinely help individuals feel a sense of belonging and comfort in their new home.”

The celebrations for Care Home Open Week have also brought back fond memories for the people living in Excelcare homes. Visiting the travelling circus or carnival during their younger years was a memorable and enjoyable experience, so the opportunity to take part in themed games and activities this week has raised many smiles.














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