‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ by Tony Christie and Friends Launched Today

Thank You for Being a Friend – rerecorded by singing legend Tony Christie and featuring stars such as Sting and Nile Rodgers, has been launched today by the Music for Dementia campaign for Thank You Day 2023 (Sunday 2 July).

Now the song is out there, Music for Dementia is encouraging individuals and communities throughout the UK to learn the song and sing it together at 3pm on Sunday 2 July as a special thank you to someone who has made a difference.

This year, the day has a particular focus on carers so it was really special to have five carers on the single singing backing vocals.

All proceeds from the single will go to The Power of Music Fund being convened by the National Academy of Social Prescribing with £1million of support from The Utley Foundation.

Christie explains: “Performing, staying positive and trying not to let dementia affect my life really lifts me so taking part in Thank You Day has been a privilege and a blessing; not just for me but for my whole family, including my wife Sue who’s behind me every step of the way. Sue supports me rather than cares for me right now, but there are millions of unseen and unsung of carers doing their thing every day and this is our way of thanking them.

“I am living proof of the power of music on people living with dementia and I fully support the Music for Dementia campaign and its work with Thank You Day. It is so special that this country has been gifted a day that connects communities with this incredible celebration of people and music.”

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