Survey Reveals A Severe Lack Of Support For Carers Supporting People With Alzheimer’s

A recent survey conducted by Hales Care has found that 65 percent of UK carers have suffered emotional and mental health problems themselves whilst caring for a friend or relative with Alzheimer’s, with 75 percent of carers feeling there is not enough research being done around the disease.

Having carried out the survey since care funding cuts were announced by the UK Government, Hales Care has found that 95 percent of carers surveyed felt there is not enough care funding information available to them, with 65 percent revealing there is not enough education about the disease.

As a national care group specialising in domiciliary care & supported living, Hales Care, through Managing Director, Nicola Mewse, provided the following comment on the findings;

“These findings paint a very concerning picture for the thousands of family carers supporting some 850,000 people living in the UK with many forms of Dementia. We would urge those who feel their own wellbeing is being affected to seek support. There are information forums and groups online that can signpost carers to the most appropriate help for their circumstances however in our experience the most important factor in maintaining their own health & welfare is to ensure they get respite themselves. This is where a care company such as Hales Homecare can help, be it on a regular or one off basis. Care providers can offer guidance on where funding may be available and support the process of having care needs formally assessed”

While only 55 percent of carers feel supported by their employer, 65 percent of felt that overall, they were unsupported, with 30 percent revealing they never have a respite from caring.

When asked how being a carer for a friend or relative with Alzheimer’s had affected their lives; 65 percent of respondents admitted that their own emotional and mental health had suffered, along with 60% confirming it also put a strain on the entire family.

In light of World Alzheimer’s Day commencing on 21st September, Hales Care, hope that this insight will be used by charities and organisations to increase the support offered to UK carers.