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Surrey Care Home Residents Reminisce Through the Power of Music

Residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Shannon Court, in Hindhead, recently welcomed Terry Owens, a performer who has been coming into the care home for the past few months. Terry sings a range of songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, providing a charming one-man show for residents to have fun together and reminisce about their youth.

“He also brings roses for the women residing here!” says resident Margo Baxter, one of the lucky ladies.

Terry’s involvement with the care home did not start with musical shows, however. Before becoming a performer for Shannon Court, he was a Committee Member of the Association of Friends of Shannon Court for ten years, including being the Chairman. The Association of Friends is an independent charity that works closely with the Home, supporting Shannon Court’s tireless staff members and organising fundraising events to help enhance the lives of the residents.

“I sing regularly in care homes and I always found Shannon Court to be one of the very best,” says Terry. “Residents are always keen to listen and enjoy my songs. They even sing the words with me!”