Suppertime Tuesday

The challenge for many caterers in health and social care is Suppertime. Challenges include variety of dishes; staffing and often the lead caterers have left for the day.

The thoughts behind this initiative are to focus on this snack on the Tuesday of Nutrition and Hydration Week as it will provide an opportunity to share some ideas, but more importantly raise it with those who serve it 365 days a year as an important part of the nutritional care you provide.

Nutrition & Hydration Week lead Caroline Lecko said, “We need to engage all staff to realise that those they care for need this light snack, otherwise it could be over 12 hours between their evening meals and breakfast. This is far too long to go without something to eat.”

Andy Jones added, “With many staff rosters focussing on breakfast service we need to remind al those involved just how vital this snack is. It also gives us the opportunity to share good suppertime practices. What better than with that night time drink – a snack whether it be toast or cheese and biscuits or perhaps even a small chocolate biscuit.”

Derek Johnson stated, “Supper is a great time to provide a milk based drink providing vital hydration and extra calories for those who are nutritionally compromised. It is the forgotten snack where food is often prepared earlier in the day and left for busy care staff to serve during their evening duties.”