Sunrise Of Sonning Care Home Surprises Staff With Personalised Cakes

Sunrise of Sonning have surprised their team members with personalised cakes to celebrate Carers Week.

The care home normally celebrates the annual awareness week through holding a raffle draw where every team member has the opportunity to win gifts. But this year, Sunrise of Sonning made 140 personalised cakes for them instead.

The care home also made cakes for those team members who have been unable to come to work. Carmela Magbitang, General Manager of Sunrise of Sonning, then personally delivered these cakes to their much-missed staff.

Carmela Magbitang, said:  “I was contemplating how I could make everyone happy, so I came up with the idea of extending our gratitude to the families of our team members. For me, the families of our staff play a vital role in maintaining the wellbeing and sanity of our team members. Cakes were suggested as a way for our team members to share a gift with their whole families.

“I also believe that those who have been isolating or who have been unable to come to work for whatever reason, definitely miss us here at Sunrise. I wanted to let them know that they haven’t been forgotten as they are still members of the team.  Therefore, I delivered their cakes to their doorstep to remind them that their Sunrise family missed them too and that we are waiting for their return.”

Speaking of when she received the cake, Sunrise of Sonning team member, Nathalie McLeish, said:

“Being at home for three months sounds like a dream. However, the reality is it’s very tough. Knowing that because your family is shielding you cannot do the job you love and support your wonderful colleagues through this tough time, leaves a lot of guilt.

“To know that, considering everything that is happening and how tirelessly everyone is working, they are still thinking about you and appreciate you, cannot be described in words. The cake is delicious and I’m sure won’t last long, but the gesture will never be forgotten.”

Habiba Gara, another team member of Sunrise of Sonning, said: “I was expecting it to be an ordinary day, but then I was visited by my lovely manager. I didn’t know what to expect from the visit but I was still happy to see her.

“I saw something in her hand and it was a cake, a delicious vanilla cake with strawberry. I loved it more than my kids did but that message made my day. It was so cute and heart-warming to read it, knowing I wasn’t forgotten. I was so, so happy and thankful.”



















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