Sunrise Of Eastbourne Couple Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary

Jill and Alan Burgess, both residents at Sunrise of Eastbourne, have recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

Jill was born in Eastbourne and Alan moved to the area from London when he was 10 years old.

They met at a dance at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, which, as Jill reminds us, was where couples used to meet. Alan proposed to Jill one day after taking her home, kissing her on the doorstep and saying, “if we still feel like this, shall we get married?”.

They married at Holy Trinity Church in Eastbourne and had a traditional white wedding, followed by a reception at Devonshire Park. For their honeymoon, Jill and Alan went to Paignton in Devon.

Alan had a successful career playing football, first playing for Eastbourne and then moving with Jill to Hastings where he played for Hastings United for eight years. Alan then worked in a plastics factory, starting out as a draughtsman and working his way up to become a Director.

Jill and Alan eventually moved back to Eastbourne in 2005. Together, they shared a wonderful life, enjoying plenty of holidays and cruises. The couple went on to move into Sunrise of Eastbourne on 31st January 2019. They also have two sons, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren with another one on the way.

When asked what the secret is to a long marriage, Jill replied: “Alan, he has been the perfect Husband.”















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