Sunrise Of Cardiff Team Climbed Pen Y Fan To Raise Funds For Age Connects

On Saturday 5th September, the team at Sunrise of Cardiff walked up Pen y Fan to raise money for Age Connects Cardiff and The Vale. The team have so far raised over £600 for the charity that supports older people who have little or no family support.

Six team members at the care home participated, including Lis May,  Carley Hunt, Virgil Frincu, Diane MacRacken, Hope Stevenson and Ashley Raymont.

On the day, Pen y Fan was incredibly busy, the team had to queue for a photo at the top. They managed to complete the climb in under an hour and then enjoyed a bottle of fizz and a picnic at the top, taking in the wonderful views.

Some of the team had the energy to film ‘boomerangs’ on the way up and at the peak. These have now been posted on TikTok:

Elizabeth May, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Cardiff, said:

“Sunrise of Cardiff have a long history with Age Connects; they provide an independent advocacy service and they have been of invaluable help to so many of our residents over the years.

“They have a team of Hospital Discharge Support Officers who assist patients and their families with finding the best next steps. We work closely with the Marketing and Partnerships Manager – Karen Steele, to support fundraising events and to try and increase awareness of what the service offers.

“As with so many charities, Age Connects have been so adversely affected by the impact of Covid-19 and so we thought we could play a part in raising some much-needed funds and to drive publicity for them.

“It was a beautiful day and what incredible views there are from the top. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so generous and sponsored us, on behalf of the Sunrise of Cardiff team and Age Connects.”