‘Stay Curious And Keep Your Sense Of Humour’ Is Key To Old Age Says Sir Michael Palin In Exclusive Interview

Sir Michael Palin – photographer credit John Swannell

 Globetrotting octogenarian and comedy legend speaks exclusively to his TV producer daughter about the joys and challenges of getting older.

Award-winning comedian, TV presenter and traveller, Sir Michael Palin is a proud supporter of independent charity Age UK Camden and a longstanding local resident. He sat down with his daughter, TV producer and Age UK Camden Trustee Rachel Palin, to share his thoughts and experiences on growing older and what his phenomenal travels and comedy journey has taught him about ageing.

Sir Michael Palin says: “Being an elderly resident of Camden myself, I know how difficult and disorienting life can be as you get older. The modern world is changing so fast, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Age UK Camden is there to help all of us who want to make sense of things, sort out problems and make sure that life can get better as you get older.”

Key takeouts from the interview with Sir Michael include:

  •  How he relies on his children to help him navigate and keep up with modern technology
  •  And why conversely, he feels – despite these advances in technology – that Google doesn’t have all the answers and there is much to learn from the older generations
  • An appetite for life, being curious and embracing humour are key to keeping energetic and engaged with the world as one ages
  • Anecdotes from meeting older communities and wise characters, such as the Dalai Lama, on his travels to 98 countries
  • Insight into the 1971 Monty Python ‘Hell’s Grannies’ sketch
  • And why he won’t be retiring or leaving Camden or London anytime soon…
  • Sir Michael Palin’s full interview is now available on the Age UK Camden website to share with your readers and social media followers –