Staff Across the NHS Recognise their Duty to Make Sure they Do Everything they Can to Protect their Patients

Following reports in the media that the Government will mandate NHS staff in England to be vaccinated against coronavirus from next spring, Matthew Taylor, chief executive at the NHS Confederation, said: “Staff across the NHS recognise their duty to make sure they do everything they can to protect their patients, colleagues and themselves from avoidable infections. This is why the vast majority of workers have been vaccinated against coronavirus already and why health leaders will take forward this new requirement.

“Mandating Covid-19 vaccinations in the NHS offers a further incentive for staff who are eligible but have not come forward yet to get jabbed at time when the virus continues to be a threat and the NHS is working hard to deliver its broader services for patients.

“For this reason, we are relieved the Government has listened to our plea to roll out the requirement away from what is expected to be the most challenging winter on record.

“This will also give leaders much needed time to continue to engage and support the remaining staff who have not yet been vaccinated and to understand the possible consequences at a local level.”