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Southport Home Creates “Tree of Hope” to Start 2023 with New Beginnings and Positivity

A Southport home has created a tree of hope to welcome the new year with positivity and hope.

Staff at MHA Connell Court have produced the “Tree of Hope” to encourage positivity around the home.

Residents and staff members will add items to the tree which they feel reflects new beginnings and hope.

They will also write messages with their wishes for the upcoming year and that is something that will be regularly updated.

Cathy Rothwell, one of the activity coordinators at the home said:
“With the start of the new year, we wanted to create something at the home to welcome 2023.

“The Tree of Hope symbolises life and will show the complete circle of nature.

“The tree will begin as some branches in a pot but will blossom and grow throughout the year.

“The purpose of the tree is to look forward and look for ways to celebrate life and encourage living positively.

“With the new year comes new beginnings and hope, our residents have really liked the idea and there has been some lovely conversations regarding the tree.

“With the help of staff, they have enjoyed taking part in making the tree and adding their own bits to decorate it.

“When 2023 is over, all the messages are going to be put into a book to keep, this will be done as an activity with our residents and our Tree of Hope can begin again next year.”