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South East Care Group Champions ‘Wear it PINK!’ Day to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

Residents and staff at a South East care group were left overjoyed following the success of its fundraising competitions and activities to raise awareness of breast cancer to mark ‘Wear it PINK!’ Day 2022 – one of many educational projects championed to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nellsar, a family-run group of 13 homes throughout Kent, Surrey and Essex, were among the millions of people across the country taking part in the awareness month to support life-changing research for breast cancer – providing literature on the importance of self-examination and championing early detection as a means to save lives.

Throughout the awareness month, the ‘Know Your Breasts’ booklet, as well as other guidance leaflets, were distributed across the 13 homes reaching 900+ staff members, all residents, their families, friends and more, utilising this vast network to reach out and educate an incalculable number of people of all ages.

On Friday 21st October, Nellsar also supported ‘Wear it PINK!’ day, which has been running for 20 years to raise money and awareness for ‘Breast Cancer Now’. Whether it was a dash of nail varnish or glamming up in hot pink from head-to-toethe family-run care group encouraged staff, residents and families to come together and further promote the importance and benefits of self-examination and early diagnosis though engaging activities such as fundraising games, raffles, sponsored walks and auctions.

Viv Stead, Recreation and Well-Being Manager at Nellsar, said: “Our motivation for such a big initiative was to impact as many lives as possible. We wanted to use the resources throughout the business and reach out to as many staff, residents, friends and family members as possible.

“Breast cancer is a profound issue and one that we are determined to ensure doesn’t go unnoticed. It affects millions of people every year, which meant we felt morally obliged to get all of our staff and residents on board through a month-long campaign of education and fundraising activities. All our residents and staff fully embraced the insight, togetherness and enjoyment the month had to offer, coming together to raise awareness for such a wonderful initiative. All in all, the month was an overwhelming success and I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and helped spread such an important message for an incredible charity that is so close to our hearts.”