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South Croydon Care Home Resident Celebrates 102nd Birthday

A resident at RMBI Care Co. Home James Terry Court, in South Croydon, has celebrated her 102nd birthday. To mark the special milestone, Gladys Wilson enjoyed a celebration with her family, her fellow residents and the staff at the care home.

Gladys was born on 11th November 1919, exactly one year after the end of World War One. She married her husband, John, in July 1939. The following year, they had a daughter, Margaret.

Gladys’ first job was at Epsom Hospital, where she worked as a care assistant for a couple of years. She had various jobs throughout her life, but the one she enjoyed the most was working on an assembly line in a factory.

Sadly, her husband passed away in 1982, and Gladys lived on her own until she moved to James Terry Court in September 2017. Gladys has a granddaughter, Lauren, to whom she is very close, and two great-grandchildren, Michael and Joe.

One of her hobbies is gardening, as she gets a lot of pleasure from growing plants and vegetables – a trait she inherited from her parents, who cultivated their own vegetable plot in their garden.

When asked how she manages to keep her youthful looks, Gladys gave this piece of advice: “You’ve got to look after yourself and make the most of your life – you never know what’s around the corner!”

Lucy Fernandes, one of the Activities Coordinators at James Terry Court, said: “It was great to help Gladys celebrate this remarkable milestone. She is a fascinating lady with an amazing sense of humour!”

RMBI Home James Terry Court, in South Croydon, is run by RMBI Care Co., part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The Home is currently able to safely welcome new residents.