Somerset Care Residents Benefit From Bike Donations

SomersetCareResidents at Southlawns care home are celebrating after reaching their fundraising target.

The Street care home was one of Somerset Care’s first homes to take part in the Motiview Project, an international trial which saw residents from care homes using specially-adapted bikes with video libraries of routes across the world.

Residents at Southlawns took to the project like ducks to water and really enjoyed cycling, watching the routes and benefitted from feeling healthier, more active and increased wellbeing. After the three months was up, residents and staff made the decision to start fundraising for their own bike.

After approaching local businesses and individuals, residents were amazed to see how much support they had from the local community.

Speaking on the fundraising, Manager Catherine Brown said: “We are overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and kindness. The Motiview project was a huge hit with our residents and we knew that we needed to get our own bike. Many of our residents have been asking me how long until the new bike arrives; we are all really excited.”