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Senior Care Assistant At Shefford Home Braves The Shave And Raises More Than £450

A senior care assistant at a Shefford home has shaved her hair to raise funds for the home.

Claire Course works at MHA Oak Manor and decided to shave her hair to raise funds for the home’s amenities fund.

The shave took place at the cinema lounge at the home, with residents and staff picking up the scissors and trimmers and turning into hairdressers.

Currently she has raised £465.50, which is a mixture of cash and online donations.

MHA Oak Manor provides residential and dementia care for 64 residents.

Speaking after the shave Claire said:
“I have shaved my hair quite a few times, so it is something I am used to.

“It’s only the second time I have done it for a cause, and when I was asked I was more than happy to do so.

“It’s a lovely feeling, I am very happy with the response the public have shown and I hope we can raise as much funds as possible.

“The funds will go towards a worthy cause, and I feel very proud of myself.

“We are hoping to purchase a minibus for residents so we can take them out so whatever we raise will go towards this.

“There have been some funny reactions from residents, some ask to touch my head and I even had one resident call me Paul, which I thought was hilarious.”














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