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Selfless Nurses at Care Home Receive Tribute From Care Home Residents

Care home residents and team members have marked its nurses’ tireless work to support their wellbeing throughout the year at a presentation ceremony held in their honour.

Signature at Hendon Hall, a care home in Hendon, presented gifts and posted messages of support to mark the incredible work its nurses perform throughout the year, and the difference they make to its 39 residents as part of International Nurses’ Day.

The day is held annually on 12th May, to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, and is an annual celebration and awareness day. It is designed to promote positive contributions that nurses make towards wider society, with this year’s theme focusing on “Our Nurses. Our Future”.

Seven nurses working at Hendon Hall were presented with cupcakes, cards and gifts by colleagues and residents, who additionally signed a commemorative whiteboard as a token of their gratitude. Nurses in turn shared their stories, organised by the International Council of Nurses and working to move the perception of nurses from “being invisible to invaluable”.

Fiona Dennehy, Clinical Services Manager and a Nurse at Signature at Hendon Hall, revealed her path into the profession which has seen her work in accident and emergency, a maximum-security prison, a hospice, and now in care.

She said: “It is quite often said a career in nursing is a vocation, and I would agree with that wholeheartedly.

“Aside from the specialist care you provide, you can make a powerful difference to a resident through the simplest of acts, a smile, a kind word or just sitting holding someone’s hand are very impactful.

“Through my own background, I have worked throughout the UK and Australia, so nursing has quite literally taken me around the world!”

“What does not change is the satisfaction you take from knowing you are making a positive impact on the person you care. Nursing is extremely rewarding. Whilst International Nurses Day focuses on one date in particular, I am very grateful for the kindness and support shown throughout the year.”

Norman Weston, a resident at Signature at Hendon Hall, said: “Simone and all the other nurses at Hendon Hall work tremendously hard to support us. They, along with nurses around the world, should rightfully be recognised for the power of good they do.

“The celebration we held at Hendon Hall is a small way of recognising the significant support they provide.””

Alina Verescu, General Manager at Signature at Hendon Hall, revealed how her training as a nurse provided the foundations for a career in social care.

She said: “From my training as a nurse, through to work in intensive care units and now in social care, I have learned so many skills that form the basis of great care.

“Technical aspects of nursing can be taught, learning to create a happy environment that fully supports residents comes with time. We should not lose sight of the work nurses carry out each and every day for those they care for.

“Nurses’ commitment and kindness makes them vital to the care provided to residents both now and in the future. No matter how the profession evolves, the compassion and qualities that nurses show will remain forever.”