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Care Group Launches ‘CarePool Karaoke’ to Strike a Chord for Mental Health Awareness Week

A care group based across Kent, East Sussex and Northamptonshire has launched ‘CarePool Karaoke’, a unique take on James Corden’s famous ‘Carpool Karaoke’ from The Late Late Show – to provide staff and residents with an opportunity to talk, open up, and sing together.

ACI Care, a group of care homes which specialise in residential, respite and dementia care, has launched its three-part ‘CarePool Karaoke’ series to coincide with the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (15th – 21st May) – an annual initiative that encourages open conversations and aims to reduce the stigma around mental health problems.

The first two episodes will feature carers Dale and Gemma, singing and discussing their careers and what they love about care. Whilst the third episode will be a joint effort by Nora (72) and Mavis (82), two residents from Gabriel Court, an ACI run care home in Kettering.

Speaking about the series, Ravi Sodha, Director of ACI Care, said: “We understand the importance of good mental health, especially in the care industry, where the demands can be high for staff and feelings of isolation and loneliness can present themselves amongst residents. ‘CarePool Karaoke’ provided an opportunity for our staff and residents to have some fun and connect with each other outside of the typical care setting, whilst also bringing attention to Mental Health Awareness Week.”

The idea for CarePool Karaoke came from the understanding that singing is known to have numerous physical and mental health benefits for all ages, in particular for older generations. Singing has been shown to reduce stress, improve breathing and posture, enhance mood and wellbeing, whilst singing also requires the brain to process music, lyrics, and rhythm, which can enhance cognitive function and improve memory – an important part of healthy ageing.

Alongside the singing itself, the conversations between carers and residents provides the opportunity to open up and chat about a range of topics – enabling them to learn new things about each other and bond.

With the initial response to ‘CarePool Karaoke’ having been overwhelmingly positive, ACI Care now plans to follow up with ‘Care Couch Karaoke’, a similar initiative but one that can be filmed from the comfort of the home. Staff will film the sessions themselves, providing even more opportunities for staff and residents to connect and cooperate with one another, while offering all the benefits of a good sing-along.

Ravi Sodha concluded: “Dale, Gemma, Nora and Mavis all had a wonderful time as part of CarePool karaoke, and we’ll be looking to take this sentiment forward as we keep encouraging residents and carers alike to open up – and enjoy a good singsong of course – through our couch-based version.”








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