Say Hello To Martyn The Carer’s “Christmas Unsung Hero” 2020

Unsung hero winner martin  pictured with luxury christmas hamper compliments of the carer.

We are delighted to announce The Carer’s Unsung Hero for Christmas 2020!

And the winner is… Martyn Davies, who is registered manager and owner of Urmston Manor care home in Manchester.

Martyn has done a magnificent job in steering the home not only during the current pandemic, but turning the home around, which saw the home receiving a CQC ‘outstanding’ rating overall.

Martyn is a registered nurse and said his is “the most rewarding job in the world.”

Martyn moved to Manchester at age 16 from South Wales and first worked as a kitchen porter at Tampopo in the Trafford Centre washing dishes before starting in the kitchen of a Manchester care home and is now running his own care home!

Martyn and his team go above and beyond for the 24 residents aged 62 to 97 that live at Urmston Manor, and here is a small selection of the accolades we received from Martin’s nomination.

“Martyn goes above and beyond to not just ensure the physical health of my grandmother and all other residents but also their happiness.”


“What Martyn does in ‘normal’ times is extraordinary. What he has done this year has been well above the ‘call of duty’ and he thoroughly deserves recognition for all he has done for the residents and their families.”


“He works in this industry because he has a passion for caring and entertaining and does his utmost to make sure everyone is well looked after, including staff and residents’ families. The events they hold throughout the days, the themed nights inviting family and friends (although we’ve not been able to do that recently) and the building of a perspex box, near the start of the pandemic, are just some of the ways he enables and encourages residents and families to interact.” 


“Martyn is very approachable and easy to speak to about any concerns. He has gone out of this way to find out about mum’s likes and dislikes, and tries to accommodate them. He often phones me to find out needs for my mum, and also to give updates on any developments. I guess this is the same for all families. Before Covid, there was always plenty to do for the residents – trips out to local restaurants and pubs, cinema visits and days out, which were all managed with ease. There were many activities in the home too, which mum was encouraged to do. Martyn is very hands-on so all the residents know him.”


“Martyn managed to keep the coronavirus out of the home till recently, and through careful management, it did not spread throughout the home – all my mum’s tests were negative. He was one of the first people to install a visiting pod so relatives could see their loved ones again. There have been very few staff changes which suggests that they are very happy working there. I get the impression he goes out of his way to look after them too.”


“He is a person who goes the extra mile and is continuously overlooked for the work he does. He is dedicated to the health wellbeing and safety of his residents and staff. “


“During the current pandemic he has devised ways to keep the residents happy and engaged. He’s pre-empted Govt guidelines on social distancing. His record on Covid testing for staff and residents is phenomenal.


I could not wish for my father to be cared for by better staff or a better manager.”


“There are not enough words to express how much I believe this Man is worthy of this award.  He is so committed to his work and clearly compassionate about his staff and the wellbeing of all his residents. “


“Our father became a resident at Urmston Manor after spending many days there on Day Care and unfortunately because of the Pandamic he was taken into the Home as my Mother was struggling to care for him, as a family this was a very stressful time for us all and it was only because of Martyn’s kind ways that we all soon had peace of mind that Dad was being cared for with such love and care during these very difficult times.   Martyn would call my Mum regular to make sure she was Ok and give her regular updates on Dad.   So his care and thoughtfulness went also outside of the doors of the Manor.” 


“When I get old, I hope I find someone like Martyn to take care of me, he truly is a Gentleman with a massive heart.”


“Martyn has only been my boss for a short time and after 3 weeks of working with him I contracted covid 19 and then continued to be off work for about a following 3 weeks. Martyn contacted me every day and more to check if I was ok, how I was doing, asked everytime if there was anything I needed to be collected, delivered and to ring if I needed anything whether it be a Mac Donald’s or a truffle shuffle to cheer me up😄, I feel I have gained a true friend during my time of illness and been lucky enough to have found a great boss! Martyn is the perfect nominee x”

What more could we possibly say! Other than very well-done Martyn, you are a true example of community nursing an absolute credit to this wonderful industry!

I would like to thank everybody who sent in nominations for various members of staff in many different departments, we had some absolutely fantastic and heart-warming nominations and once again I only wish we could award you all!

All the very best festive wishes to Martyn and his team and the very best wishes for 2021.

And we would of course like to extend those wishes to you all.



















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