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Safeguarding Adults: New Online Comparison Tool

HSCIC-logo-blue-bgA new online tool has been published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) to make it easier to understand safeguarding statistics at council level.

The tool uses data from the latest Safeguarding Adults Report for 2014-15 and enables the user to analyse key information by council2 and make comparisons based on similar areas and regions across England.

Information is available in the tool to compare safeguarding referrals that concluded in 2014-15 by:

  • case conclusion status (whether allegations were substantied or not)
  • risk outcomes (whether risk was removed or reduced)
  • sources of risk (social care support, strangers or people known to the alleged victim)
  • referral rates (including those by gender) for new safeguarding referrals opened in 2014-15

Charts can also be produced to look at the highest and lowest councils for each safeguarding measure.

Responsible statistician for the report and comparator, Luke Thickins said: “With this interactive dashboard, users can now produce customisable tables and charts to compare local authorities across regions and against their ‘nearest neighbour’ councils, making it easier to highlight differences across the country.”

The dashboard is currently available for Safeguarding Adults 2014-15. Further tools may be developed for different reports published in the future for adult social care.

The interactive tool can be found here3: http://www.hscic.gov.uk/catalogue/PUB18869