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Runwood Homes Launch Environmental Poetry Competition

Across the Runwood Homes Group, homes will be focusing on the environment as the theme of the month, as part of the organisation’s group-wide dignity campaign. The theme gives special focus to how homes can help to look after the world around them. We have only one earth, so home teams and residents will be thinking about what they can do to protect and cherish it.

In addition to these activities taking place within the home, Runwood Homes are pleased to launch their environmental poetry competition, which will not only encourage participants to think about the environment, which links to the month’s theme, but will also inspire creativity, imagination and some healthy competition too!

Residents, staff teams and relatives are all encouraged to take part, to really spread the creativity and get as many people as possible thinking about the environment and its importance. Home teams and residents are already really excited to take part in the competition and write about what the environment means to them. Whether it’s a poem showcasing what the home has done this month for the environment, the beauty of nature, fascinating wildlife, or the benefits that the environment has brought us in past experiences, participants have limitless choices on what they can write about.

The deadline for the competition is the 5th of April and Runwood Homes are already expecting to receive some impressive entries and look forward to reading them all. The top entries will be published on the company’s social media and website and the winner will receive a fantastic planting and growing kit worth £100 for their home.

A spokesperson for Runwood Homes said:

“Runwood Homes are delighted to launch their Environmental Poetry Competition. Last year’s poetry competition, which took the theme of Spring, was a great success and everyone within the homes showed great enthusiasm taking part, so we were delighted to be able to launch again this year. Writing is a stimulating, imaginative activity and poetry is a perfect way to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For residents, engaging in poetry activities, whether writing them, or reading them with friends, has a range of positive effects, including communication, increased self-esteem and enhanced self-worth and a true sense of belonging. At Runwood Homes, we are proud to offer a variety of initiatives which aim to develop connections within the home and improve the wellbeing of our residents.”