Romanian Carers Offer Support for Job-Hunting Ukrainian Refugees

Two Romanian care workers based at Azalea House in Bedford are sharing their stories by way of support to Ukrainian refugees who are seeking employment once they arrive in the UK.

Andrei Baltag-Demetriade and Tiberius Michituc arrived in the UK in 2017, speaking relatively little English, but have demonstrated that this need not stand in the way of a successful career in care.

Through their work at Azalea House, they have become fluent speakers and can confidently help the people they support and their families.

The pair hope that their story will inspire Ukrainian refugees making their home in the UK to consider a career in care to bring normality back to their lives.

Andrei said: “Before I came to the UK, I had experience in care with my family. My dad died young, and I was called on to care for my uncle who had schizophrenia.

“I know a lot of people coming from Ukraine will also have transferable skills, such as nursing, and they might be frightened to apply if their English isn’t very good. I say, if you think you’ll be a good carer, go for it. You will be helped and supported and the language will come.”

Donna-Maria Masters, manager at Azalea House, said: “We’re so proud of everything Andrei and Tiberius have achieved in such a short space of time. We’re all following what’s happening in Ukraine, and we want to do whatever we can to help. It would be fantastic if we can find positions for talented people coming into the UK.”













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