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Residents At Rotherham Care Home Enjoy ‘A Cold One’ At The Hollow Arms

The ladies and gentlemen at Moorgate Hollow care home in Rotherham have been enjoying pints, wines and cocktails galore at their very own Hollow Arms public house.

Leigh Ann, deputy manager at the Rotherham care home, has constructed the pub in the home’s common room as a place for the residents, many of whom are living with dementia, to catch up, gossip and have a great time.

Experts encourage active social lives for those living with dementia because of its benefit to brain health, as individuals with a strong social network tend to retain more memories than those who are more isolated.

Staying social can also help to improve focus as the interactions with familiar faces can help those with dementia to keep their minds sharp. The process of going to the pub is beneficial to dementia patients, as a regular social life and routine provides a structure that can be grounding. Furthermore, having time in the day to go and sip on a cold beverage while interacting with others can prevent further mental health issues. By building and sustaining a social circle, those with dementia can enjoy a better quality of life.

However, new places and large crowds can be intimidating, so the Hollow Arms allows residents to participate in regular activities, like visiting the pub, while being in a familiar space filled with friendly faces.

Lyn Pilkington, manager at Moorgate Hollow, said: “The Hollow Arms was a great idea thought up by our deputy manager Leigh Ann, she wanted to provide residents with a social experience that mirrored one of our residents’ favourite activities, going to the pub. Our residents love coming along to the Hollow Arms for a pint or a gin and tonic, some great atmosphere and a gossip with their friends. It’s been a real home away from home experience for them.”