Resident at Nottinghamshire Care Home Celebrates 105th Birthday

Care home resident Elsie Knight has just one wish as she turns 105 – to take a hot air balloon ride.

Staff at MHA Queenswood care home in Beeston, Nottingham, have been trying unsuccessfully to find a company or organisation which will take Elsie up into the skies, either tethered or flight, and are hoping someone will be able to make her dream come true.

She did however have a wonderful party arranged for her birthday, with close friends and Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillor David Grindell and Deputy Mayoress, Pip Hallam-Davies, visiting.

Home manager Samukliso Marozo said:

“We almost had someone to do a tethered flight for Elsie in 2019 but sadly the pandemic intervened.

“When we were discussing the plans for her 105th birthday, Elsie mentioned she would still love to take a flight.

“Her doctor has declared her fit to go on a flight and we were so close to being able to book one recently. However they said they were concerned about the landing, which is why we believe a tethered flight might be better for her.

“If there is any company or individual which might be able to help us, we would love to hear from them.”

Elsie said:
“I really enjoyed my party and it was wonderful to celebrate it with the staff and residents at the home.

“I received another telegram from The Queen which was very special as I love The Queen

“I can’t wait to go in a hot air balloon again, I did it a few years ago when I was with my friends in Bournemouth and absolutely loved it.

“I have been told it’s going to be difficult because of my age and the safety element, but I am confident there will be someone out there that will be able to help.”







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