Report On Review Of Choice In End Of Life Care Published

A new report published this week by the Choice in End of Life Care Review Board, which was set up by health minister Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, offers a blueprint for how greater choice in end of life can be achieved. The report, ‘What’s important to me: A review of Choice in End of Life Care’ calls for a new ‘national choice offer in end of life care’ to be established, backed up by an additional £130 million from the next spending review.

It also calls for a new right in the NHS Constitution for everyone to be offered choice in their end of life care, and for these choices and preferences to be recorded in their own personal plan of care. Read more

Despite end of life care having made some great strides forward in recent years, far too many people who are dying continue to receive inadequate care that is ill-suited to their needs and wishes. There is a real opportunity to transform end of life care, so that people get control back over their lives and can exercise choice on the things that are important to them, including where they are cared for.








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