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Recently Reunited Care Home Couple Married For 65 Years Reveals The Secret To A Happy Marriage

A loving couple recently reunited at their care home following a three-month separation has revealed their secrets to a happy marriage.

Husband and wife for 65 years, Ivor and Pansy Warren are celebrating being back together again after COVID-19 meant having to spend three months living in separate homes – their longest time apart since the start of their relationship. Now happily residing in a shared room at St George’s Care Home in Beccles, the pair have been reflecting on their happy marriage and have revealed their secrets to success.

“Make sure you tell each other you love each other every day. And try not to argue. But if you do, always make sure you resolve the argument before bedtime. Never go to sleep upset with one another,” Pansy (87) suggested.

Agreeing with Pansy, Ivor (98) added: “Accept your partner for who they are, respect them and be loyal. You must always be loyal. Be affectionate too, and remember that as long as you have each other, you have everything you need.”

The contented couple, who married in 1955 after a 2-year courtship and have 2 daughters together, have been inspiring care staff since their arrival at the home.

Bonnie Howe, Service Manager at St George’s Care Home, said: “Ivor and Pansy’s relationship is wonderful and so heart-warming to witness. When you see them interact with each other, it’s clear that they’re still just as much in love today as they would have been on their wedding day – if not more so!”

Ivor and Pansy’s daughter, Davina, agreed: “It’s always wonderful to watch Mum and Dad together, and I love to hear the story of how they met and fell in love. Theirs is very much that old-fashioned love that is so rarely found these days. They have never argued.”

Describing how the relationship started, Davina said: “Mum and Dad first met soon after Dad returned from the war. He would arrange to meet his friends at the Guild Hall, where they’d gather on their bikes, and he would often notice Mum walking by. He always wanted to ask her out but couldn’t quite pluck up the courage, until one day he realised he didn’t want to miss out on his chance and risk losing her. Their first date was a leisurely walk through Laxfield and, despite the 11-year age gap, they clicked instantly and never looked back.”

The inspirational couple this month celebrated their 68th Valentine’s Day together, with their care home organising a romantic afternoon tea for two.














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