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Oxford Home Upcycles Used Plastic Bottles To Make More Than 100 Poppies As Part Of Remembrance Day Display

An Oxford home has been keeping residents busy by making more than 100 poppies from recycled bottles.

MHA Brookfield was asking for donations of plastic bottles and created them into poppies as part of their display for remembrance day at the front entrance of the home.

The poppies were painted red, purple and white with each colour marking a different meaning.

The red poppies are for remembrance and hope, the purple in memory of the animals that lost their lives during the war and the white poppies symbolise peace.

Apart from the poppy display the home also got residents to paint poppies on a canvas.

Victoria Davidson, activity coordinator said:
“We have more than 100 poppies that have been cut and painted from plastic bottles for our display.

“There are still a few more to add and it already looks great.

“The painting sessions have been very relaxing and productive and all in all it took three sessions to complete the display.

“The lids of the bottles are what we used to make the centre of the poopy with and they include a ‘please recycle me’ message which is what we intend to do.

“We did something similar last year but had just the red poppies and I hope this continues to be a tradition.

“The family members of residents along with staff have played their part by donating the bottles.

“The feedback we have received from family members has been really positive and we are very pleased with the finished result.”











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