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Older And Wiser – Wokingham Care Home Residents Offer Their Advice For 2021

A Facebook post featuring residents of The Pinehurst Care Centre in Crowthorne, Wokingham is going viral, with over 45,000 people having seen and shared the wise words of guidance from residents aged from 84 to 105 on how to live a good live in 2021.

Twelve ladies from the home were photographed holding up cards featuring their words of wisdom, part of an annual tradition, but for the first time, they were shared on the home’s open Facebook page.  Activity manager Victoria Pembroke explains:

“This is something we’ve done for a few years now, and the images have been shared with the residents’ families, but particularly over the last year, we’ve been trying to engage with our wider community more through social media – as face-to-face opportunities have been limited – so for the first time, we’ve posted them for everyone to see.”

The response to the wise, and frequently cheeky advice has been fantastic, with hundreds of people sharing the images, and over 45,000 having seen them already.  “These ladies are wonderful to be around, as many have a wicked sense of humour – and that really comes across in their advice,” adds Victoria.

For example, 105 year old Claire’s advice comprises:

“I’m still learning!  Be as wicked as possible.  Life’s for living.  You can’t please all the people all the time.”

whilst 96 year old Helen counsels:

“Be happy.  Do unto others as they would do unto you.  Drink plenty of Whisky (any given amount).)

“I am fortunate enough to be able to ask these lovely ladies for advice whenever I need it; their views on dating were particularly helpful, though probably not suitable for publication.  Hopefully, people across the country can take enjoy sharing their advice as we head into 2021,” concludes Victoria.

One resident, Kathleen, who has learned a thing or two during her 101 years (she celebrated her birthday this week) offers the life-hack tip that: “If your husband works for BOAC, you can travel the world for free” – though following this advice might have to wait until after the pandemic!

And the last word has to be handed to 96 year-old Joan, who simply says: “Don’t bother giving advice because they don’t take it.”











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