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Okeley Residents Plant a Jubilee Tree

The people living at Okeley Care Home in Chelmsford have started to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee early, by planting a tree outside of the home to mark this memorable year.

Her Majesty the Queen is celebrating 70 years of service this year with a platinum jubilee, which will be celebrated between the 2nd and 5th of June. This is a special celebration for the people living at Okeley Care Home, as many people remember when the Queen acceded the throne back in 1952 and have supported her in her reign ever since.

To mark this special occasion, the people living at Okeley wanted join in with a scheme called the Queen’s Green Canopy, and plant a commemorative tree outside the home, so they can watch it grow and flower over time. This scheme is encouraging people all over the UK to plant a tree to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee, but also help in the ongoing efforts against climate change.

Prior to the planting of the tree, the people living at Okeley spent time during craft sessions making rosette broaches to decorate the tree with. To do this, they cut out pieces of red, white and blue felt, before sewing it all to a button. During these craft sessions, residents discussed memorable moments from the queen’s reign and jubilee celebrations of the past.