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Local Brownie Group Surprise Signature at Elton House Residents for Supper

Residents at care home, Signature at Elton House, were recently surprised with a visit by local brownie group, the 3rd Bushey Heath Brownies.

A group of 13 brownies paid a visit to the care home, where they served residents drinks during supper time, read stories, chatted, and told jokes throughout the evening.

Many of the brownies who came along to Signature at Elton House also offered a helping hand to team members at the care home supporting with room service.

The collaboration between the care home and the brownie group arose after Karen Fleming, Care Home Liaison Manager at Signature at Elton House, reached out to Guiding Leader Grace Bantin.

After discussing activity ideas to link two different generations, Karen suggested it would be wonderful idea for the brownies to surprise the residents for the evening on 26th May, as well as take a look around the care home.

The visit was a huge success, with lots of laughter to be had, stories to be told, and a lovely atmosphere throughout the evening. For the brownies it was an incredible experience meeting so many of the residents and hearing all the incredible stories they had to tell, and for the residents a wonderful chance to chat with the group.

Reflecting on the evening Anette, Receptionist at Signature at Elton House, said:
“The visit from the brownies was lovely. It really uplifted the spirits of all our residents. There were smiles all around and for a few of the residents who are retired teachers it brought back memories of their teaching days.”

Speaking about the brownie visit, Reg, a resident at the care home, added:

“Having the brownies visit us was great. I really liked the jokes we were told; especially, how do all the oceans say hello to each? They wave, and what do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. They both put a smile on my face.”