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Nottinghamshire Home Takes Residents to Italy from Comfort of Armchair

Residents at a Nottinghamshire home packed their suitcases and printed their boarding passes as they visited Italy for the day.

MHA The Herons set up an armchair trip to Italy with one of the lounges being used as the ‘venue’.

The trip included watching a short film on Rome, learning Italian words, and divulging in some Italian snacks.

An Italian menu consisting of spaghetti and tiramisu was prepared by one of the chefs.

The armchair travels are something that the home does monthly with trips to Morocco and Mexico, already been done and Fiji the destination for the next one.

Mandy Burkey, activity coordinator said: “The armchair visits have proven to be very popular with our residents.

“We prepare them for the visit by decorating the lounge with posters and a fact sheet on the country of where we are going.

“Every resident is given a paper suitcase and boarding pass and off we go.

“Some of our residents have been to Italy and it was great to hear their stories.

“They were sharing their experiences with others and all of them stayed very engaged.

“It’s something that we feel helps to educate us all on the different countries and cultures there are in the world.

“I really enjoy setting these up and can’t wait for the next one!”