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New Tool Launched To Help Employers Measure Their ‘Digital Readiness’


The Care Provider Alliance’s Digital Social Care programme commissioned Skills for Care to develop an online self-assessment tool, so adult social care employers can see how ready their organisation is to work digitally.

Digital Social Care is a partnership project between Skills for Care, members of the Care Provider Alliance and NHS Digital.

The free tool will help employers to measure their progress towards the use of digital technology in their service, including how capable and equipped staff are in harnessing the benefits of digital tools and whether they have the right infrastructure in place.

Once employers complete the tool an email report will be sent to them based on their responses, including tailored ‘top tips’ and resources to help them progress.

It was created alongside social care employers at varying points in their ‘digital journey’ and will be hosted on; a dedicated space run by social care providers for social care providers. It provides advice, tools and support to the sector on technology and data protection.

Skills for Care’s Digital Project Manager, Diane Buddery, says: “This is an opportunity for employers to measure where they are at on their digital journey. We’ve seen many success stories from many different organisations of various sizes, and it’s a great opportunity to innovate and make real, positive changes.

“I urge those who make the decisions about using and investing in digital technology in their organisation to complete this tool and discover how ‘digital ready’ they are, and more importantly what they could do next.”

Using and investing in digital technology has the potential to transform adult social care services. Katie Thorn, Digital Engagement Manager at Digital Social Care, says: “We’re very pleased to have worked with Skills for Care to develop and host the Digital Readiness tool.

“We’re sure this tool will be used to support and inspire social care organisations across the country, regardless of where they are on their digital journey.”

Employers can access the ‘Digital Readiness tool’ at