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New Online Tool Will Improve Quality Of Care Delivered By Staff

reankeinscaleThe Rankein Scale is an online tool which assesses emotional intelligence. It has been designed specially for the care sector. Carers with high emotional intelligence show empathy and compassion and provide high quality person-centred care. The Rankein Scale reassures employers and recruiters that they are choosing emotionally intelligent staff. It costs £35 and takes 10 minutes to complete.

Recruiting and retaining excellent staff is a major concern in the care sector. With the introduction of the living wage and cuts in funding it’s even more important to ensure that staff are capable of providing the best possible care. Those who provide the best care are emotionally intelligent and being cared for by people with emotional intelligence is what we all need when we’re elderly and vulnerable. The risk of not employing emotionally intelligent staff has been highlighted in too many high profile cases of neglect and abuse which have been exposed in recent years.

People who lack emotional intelligence are generally less receptive and responsive and can fail to recognise emotions in others as well as themselves. This extends to understanding facial expressions which is particularly important when caring for the elderly, those with dementia and others with communication difficulties for whatever reason. People lacking emotional intelligence can’t for example – or find it difficult to – tell the difference between someone who’s sad and someone who’s angry. It becomes easier to see some of the factors that lead to the tragic cases which most of us find difficult to comprehend.

So how can employers ensure that their staff are emotionally intelligent and so able to provide the best quality care to their residents and patients? How can they demonstrate that they are taking every opportunity to select the staff most suited to a caring role? How can they do this easily and affordably when faced with ever increasing demands on their time and budget constraints? All this can be achieved by asking potential new employees and existing staff to take the Rankein Scale assessment.

The 10 minute assessment which has been academically validated, provides the employer with a comprehensive report which can be treated confidentially or shared with the candidate. It comprises true/false and agree/disagree statements plus an exercise in matching facial expressions with emotions. It compares the candidate’s perception of their abilities with the evidence found in their responses.

The Rankein Scale has been developed by Dr Bob Rankin who originally introduced the concept for the recruitment and retention of nursing students at Dundee University. The Rankein Scale is a validated measure of EI which can be applied quickly, easily and affordably to select the best candidates who have clearly demonstrated that they possess desirable qualities for a career in caring. The Rankein Scale is also aimed at individuals who want to demonstrate their level of emotional intelligence when applying for jobs and courses.

The Rankein Scale website ( provides a free ebook to download which describes emotional intelligence and its relevance and importance to the care sector.