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New Mayor Of York Must Make Social Care a Priority Operators Say

The new Mayor of York and North Yorkshire and all other newly-elected politicians must make use of their power to bring about reform of social care, campaigners said today.

The care provider group, the Independent Care Group (ICG) has sent congratulations to David Skaith who was today elected as York and North Yorkshire’s first Mayor.

And it called on him to use his election as a way to influence the way older and vulnerable adults are cared for in his region and across the country.

ICG Chair Mike Padgham, said:
“Congratulations to David – the people of York and North Yorkshire have placed their trust in him to help deliver improvements to this region.

“We will now be looking to him to use that power and influence to bring about change in the way a very significant section of the community is cared for as we need to raise the pressure for change.

“York and North Yorkshire has a significant proportion of older and vulnerable adults within its population, and we will look to the new mayor to take a lead on improving the lives of these citizens as part of his role in bringing about much-needed regeneration for the region.

“Many within our area are living without the care they need, and we hope that Mr Skaith can use his position to change that.

“We also look to all others who are celebrating election or re-election to posts to join in with us and to fight for social care reform.

“As we head – sadly quite slowly – towards a General Election we must all use whatever power we have to give those who do not have one, a voice and to press for a better way of looking after a generation of people who gave us so much. They deserve better.”














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