NCF Welcomes The Report From The CQC ‘Beyond Barriers’

NCFNCF has welcomed the report from the CQC ‘Beyond Barriers: How older people move between health and care in England’. The report highlights the collective findings of the 20 system wide reviews carried out by CQC over the last year.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF, says of the report,

“The report highlights the real impact of the current shortfalls in integrated practice on people. By exploring the failings of the current system through the lens of people’s journeys, it makes it crystal clear why the need to change is imperative and through the exemplification of good practice – what real impact different approaches can have.”

CQC has used this report to highlight four key areas where change needs to happen; the way we measure performance, fund the system, build our workforce, and regulate services.

Vic says of these areas,

“The CQC has got these key areas right, and in addition, there is a need to further reinforce some of the other messages implicit within the report which talk, once again, about the need to look further upstream. The regulator, by it’s nature, has to reserve the majority of it’s commentary to the ‘now. However, it is imperative that the integrated systems that we absolutely must demand, have a strong and clear perspective on the future, produced in partnership with citizens.”

She goes on to say,

“Whilst the report has an intrinsic value in it’s own right – it is the timing of this report that is so critical for social care, and it is welcomed that the CQC has added it’s substantive voice to provide a set of strong and powerful messages for the forthcoming social care green paper, workforce strategy and the Comprehensive Spending Review.”







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