NCF Welcomes Living Wage Pledge

The National Care ForumThe National Care Forum (NCF) welcomes the pledge made by Liz Kendall MP to address the low pay in the social care sector and the announcement that she has asked Baroness Kingsmill to lead a review on pay in social care.

Responding to the statement Des Kelly OBE, Executive Director, National Care Forum, said: “The NCF supported the recommendation in the recent Demos Commission on Residential Care that the care sector should be a living wage sector underpinned a transparent and fair funding formula. There can be little doubt that the care sector is facing unprecedented challenges with rising demand and expectations at a time of continuing cuts to public expenditure following on years of underfunding. This is leading to severe pressures on the social care workforce with higher than ever turnover rates being reported and particularly worrying trends in the difficulty of attracting young people to work in care. Our concern about financial sustainability of the care sector was set out in our report ‘Survive or Thrive’ published recently.”

He added: “The NCF has collected data on workforce trends, pay and conditions for the last 11 years across in excess of 60,000 employees. This information is used as a valuable benchmark by our members – many of whom have already made a commitment to paying the Living Wage. However tackling low pay across the care sector will require a coordinated approach involving commissioners, providers and government. We look to providing evidence to the review team.”







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