NCA Urges Support For Carbon Monoxide Safety Campaign

Nadra Ahmed OBE, Chief Executive of the National Care Association, is urging all National Care Association members to feed into the parliamentary inquiry led by Liz Twist MP; investigating carbon monoxide awareness in the health and social care sector.

Nadra joined the steering group for the parliamentary inquiry into carbon monoxide exposure earlier this year, after discovering the potential danger that carbon monoxide can pose, to both care staff and those service users and clients whom they care for.

Nadra says: “I was shocked to learn that not only are the NHS reporting more than one death a week from carbon monoxide poisoning, but that sub-lethal exposure to this poisonous gas is linked to long term health issues, such as brain damage and reduced life expectancy. It is of the utmost importance that care workers, especially those working in domiciliary settings, are aware of the dangers presented by carbon monoxide, and that employers support their staff to work safely.”

To understand the levels of awareness and safety practices in the sector at present, the inquiry has launched a survey for those working on the frontline of health and social care.








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