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National Care Hero Award for Bristol Care Worker

Malcolm Hobbs, gardener at Able Care in Bristol has won a national social care hero award in recognition of his hard work.

The award has been made this week by Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH), an organisation which aims to preserve, protect and improve the health and wellbeing of those providing social care.

SSCH launched the monthly award programme this year to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the 1.54m people working in social care in the UK. Malcolm, who was nominated for April 2022, is the fourth award winner.

Josh Hawker, relationship manager at Able Care, said:
“Malcolm has recently joined our team, but it feels like he’s been with us years – he’s such a friendly, smiley presence in our gardens and they look spectacular with his work! We’re really lucky to be able to provide our residents with such beautiful grounds and Malcolm has allowed them their full potential, making sure all can relax in picturesque surroundings. Move aside Mr Titchmarsh!”

On hearing he had won the award Malcolm said
: “What a lovely surprise, it’s nice to be noticed and rewarded, but I was only doing my job! Thank you very much.”

Malcolm will receive a £50 voucher for the grocery store of his choice, a box of chocolates, certificate, a SSCH hoody and Able Care will receive a bunch of flowers. The prizes have been sponsored by VAT Solutions.

The social care workforce is often overlooked yet they keep the most vulnerable people in our society safe and well. It is hoped that SSCH will receive significant support following research which found that the overwhelming majority of the public feel that social care staff are undervalued (81%) and underpaid (80%). The monthly care hero awards have been created to show that care workers are appreciated.

Nicola Richards, Founder of Support Social Care Heroes, explained the thinking behind the idea:

“Social care staff often do not get the recognition that they deserve despite being valued by their managers and employers.

“Many care homes already have ‘employee of the month’ schemes and we really felt we should do something to bring all these nominations together from around the country to celebrate all our social care heroes and the amazing work they do.

“The pandemic has brought social care colleagues across the country together as we have supported each other like never before. I hope these awards will provide a positive boost to carers, managers and the wider care home teams.

“These awards are the first step in our long-term plans to ensure those who need care, and those caring for them, are valued by all in society.

“Our country’s social care heroes have been on the front line and in the headlines for almost two years and this new initiative will help show them that they are valued and recognise the work they do.”





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