More Funding Needed To Support Vulnerable People Says Care Leader

Carer alliance co-chair Melanie Weatherley is calling for the social care sector be treated like the NHS and be given government money to protect it against a second wave of COVID-19 this winter.

Ms Weatherley who was also co-chair of NICE and Skills for Care Fellow, and Chair of the Lincolnshire Care Association – says that more funding is urgently needed for the social care sector. Her warning to government officials is in response to today’s news that NHS Trusts in England will receive £300 million in support against a possible second wave this winter, while social care has yet to be offered any financial assistance beyond September.

In a statement, Melanie said: “Although we are pleased that NHS Trusts across England will receive £300 million in funding to fight a possible second wave of COVID-19, we are disappointed that social care has yet to receive a similar pledge.

The sector’s need for additional funding is becoming very urgent, or we will be unable to sustain our support for society’s older and vulnerable people. The Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund is due to run out at the end of September, and the sector has received no confirmation of assistance after this date.

Since July, I have been calling on Parliament for more support in the event of a second wave, so care providers will not be financially-impacted – or once again forced to rely on scarce resources.

Again, we are delighted that the NHS is receiving some much-needed funding, but we are asking that social care gets the same consideration, so we can be around to support them in taking care of those who need it most.”


















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