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Monty the Pygmy Goat: A Baa-rilliant Day at Aberdeen Care Home

Cranford Care Home’s corridors were filled with an unusual sound recently – giggles and goat bleats, as Monty, a diminutive Pygmy goat with a big personality, trotted in.

Monty’s visit to the Aberdeen care home, courtesy of the innovative FARM STOP initiative, turned a routine day into a fun and therapeutic experience for residents and staff alike.

Care Home Manager Coleen Reid, said: “Monty may have small hooves, but he made a big imprint on our hearts. Our thanks to Christina of FARMSTOP for bringing Monty in, which helped turn an ordinary day into an extra special one, as everyone loved saying hello to him.”

FARM STOP, the organisation behind this innovative meet-and-greet, believes in the power of connecting communities through the natural world.

“Our aim is to spark joy by letting the animals interact with people in a safe environment,” said Christina Polson, highlighting the thought behind the visit. “Seeing the impact of Monty’s visit reinforces our belief in the magic of animal connections.”














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