Minister For Care Supports New Personalised Care Guidance

CarolineDinenageThe Minister for Care Caroline Dinenage has given strong support for new guidance on the delivery of personalised care across the health, care and housing sectors.

The guidance ‘Making it Real’ published by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and the Coalition for Collaborative Care, was launched at an event attended by more than 100 senior leaders and policy makers.

Making it Real sets out what good care and support looks like from the dual perspectives of people who access services and people who work in them.

In her address to delegates, Caroline Dinenage, Minister for Care, said: “When it comes to wellbeing, it’s vital that our services look at people’s needs as a whole, from social care to health and housing. That’s why we want to put power back into the hands of people accessing services, their carers and families – by personalising care and focussing it around individual needs – so we can help people to live happier and more independent lives.

“Think Local Act Personal’s new Making it Real guide is an important and practical resource to help make personalised care a reality.”

Leaders were united today in their ambition to drive forward personalisation, prevention and wellbeing and endorsed the new Making it Real as a practical way to achieve this. The Making it Real framework on how to do personalised care and support gained sector wide recognition for its approach.

It was widely praised for shoring up national policy for closer sector integration and supports the delivery of Quality Matters – a shared commitment to improve the quality of care experienced by people who access services.













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