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Mind The Gap: Investment In Care Starts To Show Serious Cracks

NCA08Logo-AllFinalNational Care Association continue to lead the campaign highlighting the challenges faced by small and medium sized providers of health and social care.

The recent State of Care report by CQC underlines the fact that underfunding of the sector has brought it to a ‘tipping point’. We believe the gap has been created over the years by both local and national government ignoring the warnings from independent commentators and the provider sector alike.

The fact that the issue will be a difficult one to resolve does not mean we ignore it and so we have prepared a briefing that will assist you to support the campaign. We hope that you will find the briefing helpful……


  • Full briefing paper

  • Summary briefing paper

National Care Association (NCA) has called a Care Summit for small and mediums sized providers of care, to be held at the Department of Health, Richmond House, Whitehall on 25th October 2016, taking the Sector to the very heart of government.

The Summit will address sector and wider societal concerns for the sustainability of long-term care for some of our most vulnerable members of our communities, which is a direct response to the overwhelming demand for a more accessible and equitable national care provision.

The urgent call for this meeting is in clear recognition of the essential role played by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who, as care providers, not only support and underpin the work of the NHS the length and breadth of England, but who are also the engine that can provide the growth in future care provision that our ageing society will demand.











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