Merger Dropped As NCA Back Smaller Providers

The Board of National Care Association are disappointed to announce that despite extensive discussions, the proposed merger announced last year has not been concluded.

Nadra Ahmed OBE said “Both National Care Association and ECCA, through the Transitional Board, were committed to the principles of a merger which would have brought about a strong and coherent voice for the sector at a time when providers are facing considerable challenges. However we now believe that the interests of all providers will not be best served through a merger of the two organisations at this time”.

Mrs Ahmed continued “To avoid any misunderstanding and as a point of clarity, Care England does not incorporate the membership of National Care Association in any way and as such does not represent the membership or the express views of the National Care Association. Care England was to have been the name of the merged organisation, which ECCA has adopted without reference to National Care Association; therefore as the merger has not taken place it cannot be representative of the vision of a unified voice. National Care Association will continue to work with all representative organisations in the best interest of its membership.”