Mansfield Care Home Colleagues Got Charitable Over Christmas

Instead of a secret Santa last month, Colleagues at HC-One’s Berry Hill Park in Nottinghamshire donated to food banks and homeless shelters.

The charitable idea was thought up by Wellbeing Coordinator, Kristina King, and was backed by all Colleagues at the home.

The Colleagues normally exchange secret Santa gifts to one another but decided contributing towards charity during the coronavirus pandemic was a much kinder gift.

Within days the team filled three large boxes with food, ready to be carted off to Mansfield’s local food bank as well as charitable homeless projects in the area.

Reverend Dr Caroline Phillips runs the local food bank and Hall Homeless project out of St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church.

She said: “I am delighted with these donations. They will be divided between the local food bank and our homeless projects.”

Berry Hill Park’s donations were much appreciated as the projects are still running in these difficult times and are essential to helping the vulnerable and the needy in Mansfield.

Many Colleagues and Residents alike at the home were delighted with Kristina’s generosity and supported her cause with vigour.

Claire, a Colleague at Berry Hill Park, commented: “Although Kristina is always busy in her own life and at work, she always finds the time to think about other people.”